Four highly complex production units sold by Reifenhäuser Group are represented as augmented physical models that can be explored interactively with an iPad. The models have been 3D-printed in great detail at a scale of 1:18 using a laser sintering process. Sitting on square bases, they can be viewed from all sides.


Nuage Vert by HeHe studio

The Concept of Nuage Vert

In the past decade new buzz words have entered into media discourse and everyday language: ecological visualisations, carbon offsets, eco footprints, food miles etc. These abstractions signify our attempts to quantify individual responsibility and to find ways of facing up to the very real challenges of climate change, and the exploitation of finite natural resources.

Nuage Vert is based on the idea that public forms can embody an ecological project, materialising environmental issues so that they become a subject within our collective daily lives. Its material, collective and aesthetic dimension distinguishes it from other approaches. A city scale light installation onto the ultimate icon of industrial pollution, alerts the public, generates discussion and can persuade people to change patterns of consumption.


Visit of the exhibition: Musings on a Glass Box – Diller, Scofidio + Renfro

I have not been posting for almost 3 weeks. The reason is that I was finishing to write (or rewrite) some parts of my dissertation. It was sumbitted on friday. This is the raw version without graphic editing.

Today I felt exhausted. It feels good in a way because you feel like you have accomplished something that matters. I think I want my work to make me accomplish things for people. This is what I discovered while writing this dissertation…

I needed to rest this is why I went to La Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain. It was my first time here. There is a lot of sunlight, everything feels warm. I went there to see the  Musings on a Glass Box installation. This is very poetic and it gives you time to rest. The installation is divided into two parts: while in the first room you can follow a bucket with water in it. It’s aim is to collect water drops from the roof. Inside the bucket, you find a camera. Everything is recorded. People in the other room are lying on a long chair with a screen above them. They see everything that’s recorded by the bucket. Each time a water drop falls it created sounds, it modifies the music and create abstract movements on the surface of the water. It deforms the video watched by visitors.

Picture I took while under the screen

Picture I took while under the screen

Considering social networks as consumption goods

My recent researches and discussions led me to think about considering the use of social networks as the use of consumption goods.

In economics, a good is a material that satisfies human wants and provides utility, for example, to a consumer making a purchase. A common distinction is made between 'goods' that are tangible property (also called goods) and services, which are non-physical.
— Alan V. Deardorff, 2006. Terms Of Trade: Glossary of International Economics, World Scientific. Online version: Deardorffs' Glossary of International Economics, "good" and "service".

I think I should look at labels on products. What if there were labels to determine the energetic impact of a service on the Internet ? What if the user could scan a tangible representation of the service he’s using to get detailed informations on something he uses in his everyday life ?

It can be a service, or it can be an installation. I think the installation can be interesting and could be implemented in an ecologic store or packaging free shop.