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Considering social networks as consumption goods

My recent researches and discussions led me to think about considering the use of social networks as the use of consumption goods.

In economics, a good is a material that satisfies human wants and provides utility, for example, to a consumer making a purchase. A common distinction is made between 'goods' that are tangible property (also called goods) and services, which are non-physical.
— Alan V. Deardorff, 2006. Terms Of Trade: Glossary of International Economics, World Scientific. Online version: Deardorffs' Glossary of International Economics, "good" and "service".

I think I should look at labels on products. What if there were labels to determine the energetic impact of a service on the Internet ? What if the user could scan a tangible representation of the service he’s using to get detailed informations on something he uses in his everyday life ?

It can be a service, or it can be an installation. I think the installation can be interesting and could be implemented in an ecologic store or packaging free shop.



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