Etapes Magazine short list

BEIO was short listed for the┬áspecial design students version. I spent some times to provide them my visuals and to edit them for the printed version. Can’t wait to see it printed!

Etapes magazine

Our teachers recommended us to share our work on the Etapes Diplomas online platform. Each year, the magazine edits a special version with a selection of projects from freshly graduated design students. They created a platform to upload our work, then they proceed with a selection. The platform is a little strange: image compression, impossible to correctly fill in my profile, but it seems to work. The platform is limited with the number of displayed images and the the number of characters for the description. I think this is a good exercise: I could be tempted to explain everything, but I need to focus on what’s really important, and tease the audience.┬áHope to be selected!

And now what?

I didn’t know what to write as conclusion to this blog. I have been very discret recently, trying to unplug, vanishing from facebook and avoiding emails. This article will be short, but it will be enough to explain what’s happening next.


BE.IO is now in standby mode. I’ve written done every details the jury told me to improve it. I think this is a project I should document even more. I won’t work on BE.IO until September, the reason is I started an amazing adventure called Flashgap.


Flashgap is now my main project. This is an app I’m working on, full time, with an amazing team mainly composed of friends. We work really hard on it. I’ll let you follow the link to get the details of the app. But you just need to know it takes the most part of my time!

This blog

I’m actually thinking of how I could continue to blog. I need to let this part of the blog available so people can consult all the articles related to my project. But I also want to blog about… ‘things’. But it is not very clear so I’ll take more time to create interesting and meaningful content. Last thing I want to do is to rush things. Well, I just need to ideate on it !

How to contact me ?

You can reach me to speak about BEIO, my projects, your projects, or everything you want. I’m available here:
+33 6 67 01 63 99

It’s done

It’s finally done. Nine months of [hard] work. I feel honored to be major of the ’15 promotion with a project linked the environment and the way we live. I had a great feedback from the different juror. They considered it as a very contemporary project which could lead to help solving a problem everybody is not aware of. They also told me that I had a great chance to make it more concrete with the COP21 [Worldwide Conference about Climate taking place in Paris]. The prototype really helped to easily understand the concept. The gamification concept worked well, but a jury told me not to punish the user by making him lose all his seeds [won after successfully reaching an objective].

I feel exhausted, as everyone should after putting all his efforts in a project they believe in. I think my main asset was to believe in what I was doing. When I started working on my dissertation, I remembered that I red an article adressed to students in design. I don’t have the link but I know there was this line, I saved in a document named “golden rule” : “Count on your youth, count on your ability to take risks to solve design problems. Be confident”. I know how I usually react, burying me under work and never stop until I have the solution. But this time I took distance, I did things to evade, and I worked a lot on the way I could ideate. Working a lot in the subway to avoid wasting time. Writing an idea I was proud of, erasing it the next next morning. But I always believed in the context I was working in, and the reflexion I had through my dissertation. Of course I wasn’t able to do it alone, that’s why I say ‘merci’ to my friends, my family, and my teachers for supporting me.


These recent days I’m feeling a bit nervous. Or should I say: impatient. The end is near, just some couple of days on my planning to finish everything. This is the period where you need to rely on your last forces because you know you have enough time to finish but you don’t have time to rest: now work and end it !