Connecting: the movie

Released December 2012. What is Interaction Design? Connecting explores this question with some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders. When digital and physical worlds become one, new behaviors are possible, enabling connected humans with a collective capacity to change the world. Featured on Fast Company, Forbes, and The Creators Project.

Connecting is the first film in the Connecting Series. Watch both films at

Just watched Objectified by Gary Hustwit

I just watched Objectif by Gary Hustwit who is the author of 3 main documentary films:

What I like in Objectified is the fact that we see a lot people who contribute to make a product. But this is not just as creating the physical shape, we must create a system and a scenario.

You’ll never look at your next toothbrush (or your next any product) in quite the same way after watching this astute, elegant inquiry into the purpose and process of industria