3D renders with the new grid

I made fast 3d render using C4D. By exporting your .AI file as an illustrator 3 file you can it merge into a scene and extrude it. It gives me an image of the final result, with multiple angles. I also think that the white render is pretty cool. Maybe this is something I should think about offering to customers [the choice to order the product with multiple colors].





A new grid

As I said recently I was working on a new design for the grid, with more meaning. Alexandre Rivaux give me some tips to set up my grid. I decided to align perfectly the multiple elements. But sometimes, I decided to make optical corrections, making each part of the phone case unique.

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 707,708,709″ link=”image” width=”300″ height=”170″ title=”never”]

First researches on the identity

My phonecover already embodies the concept by its aspect. What I think I want to achieve is a modular identity. The aim is to have some basic elements and to create more interesting shapes by combining them. It works well with the idea of doing more with less, a principe of efficiency.

My keywords are:

Connection / Optimism / Optimize / Link / Analysis / Propagation / Evolution / Human / Invisible

My first reasearched led me to this first logo and this generated texture

First logo & texture

Second attempt with stencil font

Second attempt with stencil font