About me


It’s October 2014.
My name is Charles. I’m 23 and I live in France. I’m a graphic and interaction design student studying in e-artsup school in Paris. The purpose of this blog is to create a timeline for people to follow my work. More precisely, I’ll share ideas, thoughts, quotes and references about my master’s degree’s thesis.

Interactive installation

Last year I’ve been working on a school brief to create a photosensitive experience, mixing notions of tangibility and space. Thanks to this project I’ve been able to learn Processing mechanics and kinect hacking. This technical part was mixed with a sensitive approach of music, video and artistic direction. This project has been exhibited in Paris (June ’14) & Rome (October ’14) during the Maker Faire. It was presented with three friends who worked on the same brief. Our four projects are available on http://photosensitive.fr link [english]

Wall of Rain – Interactive installation – Teaser

Short thesis about Tangible Interfaces in the education field

Before starting my design school I went to Lyon III University. I started to study geography and I wanted to become a teacher. I’m still very interesting in education and learning methods. I’m also really interested in objects: connected objects, object design. That’w why I decided to make a study on the relation between tangible interfaces and the role they play in learning. My research is available on this link [french]


Friends and family led me to places I didn’t know. Some trips were very inspirational. I think about:
+ 1 month trip in Virginia (USA)
+ 3 weeks roadtrip in the Balkans – 2010
+ 1 month roadtrip in California – 2014
+ incoming 2 weeks in New York at the end of 2014