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I met Guillaume, of the WOMA. It was a one hour meeting. We talked about my concept and the different prototypes I thought of. He was enthusiastic towards my idea. He told me I really need to have a less condescending speech to avoid sounding like someone criticizing people for the way they behave [and, of course, it’s not my intention].

I told him about the 3 prototypes I had in mind:

  • Animatronics phone case [back of the phone]
  • Phone case with LEDs [back of the phone]
  • Something like the HTC Dot Case [protecting the screen]

He was skeptical concerning the prototypes on the back of the phone because as I knew it would be thick and large. And the more I want think technologies and components, the more expansive it is. Even if he liked the idea of the muscle wire to animate the phone case, he told me that it was difficult to make an easy industrialized production and I was aware of the fact that it still needed energy and it couldn’t be thin. Concerning the proposition with LEDs, making it look like growing vines is cool but risk could be it to be considered as a vivid-colored computer or car [tuning]. Fact is, in both cases [pun not intended] it would require an arduino board with a bluetooth shield and a battery. It would be something like 500 to 600€ to prototype it [considering the fact that they would need to help me a lot because I think I wouldn’t be able to work a lot on the hardware and code].

On the contrary I explained him what I had in mind with this dotted case. We both agreed on the fact that it was better and it could really sell my idea and my serve my speech. With a simple thin piece of wood and an app, it’s possible to build a system to help people optimize their daily use of their devices and of social networks ! It doesn’t use a lot of energy, it can be discrete, it can be customizable and unique, and easy to produce.

I sent my presentation by mail to his colleagues and I need to give him news next week with a brief of the first prototype I would like to present.

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