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The writing of my dissertation & the ideation phase

My main research phase ended in December. A lot of videos, pictures, articles and books are now in my head and used as references for my dissertation. Today I just ended my first official version of the document. Of course it’s a raw version and the edition of the document will start during February. It’s a relief. But it’s just the beginning from now until the end of June.

My ideation phase which started at the same time as the writing is now more tangible. I created a short document —I will publish the 26 pages soon on Slideshare— with six concepts I had:

  • 2 installations
  • 1 website
  • 1 website and it’s connected object
  • 1 concept of interactive storytelling
  • 1 concept of packaging-free market in partnership with the University of Darmstadt

The last one is still waiting for my school’s approval and I hope that I’ll have an answer at the end of the month. This is a first short at thinking at every possibilities to answer to key concepts of my research such as:

  • the tangible link between humans and nature is too thin
  • people don’t have basic informations about climate change and they developed bad habits and routines through the ages
  • there are ways to make the Internet more tangible
  • the way an information is delivered can change the way we perceive it

I think that I will take some more time to think about other possibilities and I’ll discuss it with my dissertation’s tutor and my professors. You can learn more about my planning for the next few months:

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