in General, Weekly assessment

This weekend I’ll take part in the Maker Faire in Paris. This is the third where I exhibit [after Paris in June 2014 and Roma in September 2014]. I need to quickly create two prototypes. If I’m fast enough I’ll be able to make a wooden phone case and to cut holes with the laser machine from thr WOMA. Otherwise I can also do it with a piece of paper and print the organic shapes I design.

I also want to design at least 3 screens of the app. Best case scenario: they would also be interactive thanks to a prototyping app. It will help me to gather feedbacks from potential users. There will be Fablab [like the WOMA] and professionals I could talk to. They will eventually give me feedback too. My project is then to rework the concept based on the users reactions.

I won’t be the only one from my school to present something. In fact we have a whole booth dedicated to the school. My colleagues will be there too, presenting a project we have been working on since November in addition to our dissertation. The project is called Telemandala. The name is a reference to the project Telegarden created in 1995. This is a collaborative experience through internet where users can create a mandala by controlling two robotic arms. I’ll let you discover this project through the video below.

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