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Recently I the idea to create a small platform to explain my project to professionals and teacher [plus my friends & my family]. This website is divided into two main parts:

  • an interactive menu explaining the concept with illustrations
  • a block containing the frequently asked questions

I consider it as a milestone; with all the previous ideations, it’s a way to make the project more concrete and consistent. Some people I met before still had in mind the idea of an old ideation. By creating this simple website and mailing it, I’m proceeding at an update. To me, it’s also a good exercise because I need to be very explicit and have a clear presentation. I realized that I’m often tempted to explain all my thoughts when I only need to explain just a part of it.

I received some good feedback on it. But I guess some things need to be reworked such as the first slide of the presentation. I think is doesn’t show clearly that my concept is a phone case which protects the screen [Jonathan told me to maybe find a better word than “phone case”, it could avoid the confusion]. Also, some people didn’t understand at first that everything was linked to an app. I will rework the illustrations and the text.

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