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Meeting Matthias

Yesterday I met with Matthias Schmitt, creator of Ga.ia [the walking plant]. During two hours we talked about the act of creating something and making it available in the market. I really liked his point of view concerning a “fair design” with a need of transparency and correct prices. I share his thoughts. We also spoke about religion and environment: there is a poetic link and a respect of nature because it’s considered as “created” so if it’s alive, it deserves respect.

  • I was also there to have some tips about the prototype I need to deliver for my diploma. I will give more details about my new idea soon but it implies the use of new technologies and hardware I’m not familiar with. The idea is maybe to deliver three things
  • a “formal” prototype which can be manipulated, touched
  • an object presenting the main interaction
    a video of the concept with the message I wan to deliver


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