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My dissertation helped me to define targets. But Jonathan Munn [my dissertation supervisor] & Nicolas Baumgartner [interaction design department director] both asked me to be more precise. They were right. Now I have a sharpened vision and 4 targets. It helps me to make design choices but also to know who are the main users I’m designing for, or how I need to design for them.


  1. Using sticky notes on the whiteboard to determine groups of people I want to target
  2. Sorting them on the board
  3. Using a matrix to map them and observe patterns
  4. Giving names to the groups
  5. Make a clean version on illustrator

It became clear to me that my project, even if it’s not a service, won’t address “people”. It will address defined individuals or groups inside this global notion of “people”. I think that I can also address the professional field: services or startups who wants to be greener and to express their will of eco-responsability. I can also target eco-consulting companies and help them to visually or physically express their assessment┬áto their clients. It gives me leads to think with a wider ranger of users. I also think that they may be not targeted directly, meaning I will address them with external parts of my projects (making of, informations, website).


Two groups


Four groups

Four groups

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