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I have spent 10 days in New York and took time to visit the MoMa. While looking at Matisse’s paintings and Dubuffet’s black & white work I also had the chance to discover the exhibition titled “Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding Megacities”.

The exhibition highlighted the fact that in 2030 we will be 8 billions people on Earth and Megacities will have more and more problems due to their respective growing populations. Some architectures studios worked on several cases concerning 6 cities: New York, Rio de Janiero, Mumba, Lagos, Hong Kong and Istanbul. Once again, I could see that this work of research and solution proposal was only realized thanks to the collaboration between different work fields and co-designing (the act of involving stakeholders in the design process).

The detail of the exhibition is available at this link. What was important to me was the way the informations were displayed: 3D sketchs, screens, datavisualisation on a giant wall. Even if the 6 case studies were treated separately, some informations concerned the 6 cities to compare them at the same time. You will find more details on the official website of the project.

Moma UG Sketch
MoMa UG Data

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