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App UX prototyping

In order to prototype a first version of the application after the service blueprinting, I decided to divide my process into X parts:

  1. The first part will consist in sketching the main screens
  2. Then I’ll create a fast prototype on with the material UI
  3. 5 friends will test it
  4. The fourth and last part will focus on making more detailed sketch and precise areas of interactions

It looks like it’s a strict process but it isn’t. In fact I decided to adapt and keep and agile method.¬†Mixing hi-fi and lo-fi prototypes help me to highlight the main parts I need to work on. Using Material design UI helps me to avoid creating friction with testers saying “it doesn’t look like it’s finished” but it doesn’t corner the app in this type of UI. Then I choosed to test the main workflow with friends because they were aware of the concept and the context so it was easier to explain them the tasks they needed to achieve. Also, it made me rework the initial app workflow since some screens transitions didn’t work very well.

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 657,656,658,655″ link=”image” width=”300″ height=”170″ title=”never”]

Creating those sketches prepared my work for the UI part. I was already aware of the screens that needed more contrast in order to draw attention on specifics actions.

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